How to Find your Soulmate

Before you find a boyfriend or a girlfriend to start a relationship with, you ‘d better to follow some tips, which are often considered obvious, but they are not.

Become more sociable

Get out, meet people, have fun, go out again, be social. Your can find your future boyfriend/girlfriend, either through friends, or from just going out for a night drink.

The only thing we are sure about is that you will not find your soulmate, if you just sit home all by yourself!

So, you ‘d better not waste your time any more. Drinks and coffee is not an one way road. You can go to dance, gym, concerts, get to know people at work, etc, etc, etc!

Take care of your appearance!

What’s the first thing you notice when seeing someone for the very first time? It’s their face, their body, the way they look. So, you do understand that appearance is important, especially in the beginning. Let’s take a closer look.

Do you have excess weight? It is time to take a step forward! Lose a few pounds and make your body look better.

Do you have hair loss and this affects your confidence (for men)?
No problem! It is not bad. You could shave your hair in order to look better. If you think that your hair look doesn’t suit you, go visit a hairdresser and listen to their suggestions. They are professionals, there is no way they can’t help you! Take the time to improve things that you don’t like, and you can become more beautiful compared to others with fine hair.

Have you neglected yourself? Big mistake! Be clean, well-groomed, wash your teeth regularly, be well-dressed, etc. Don’t be ignorant of these things, even when you’re alone. That’s because it’s a matter of habit: change your old habits and stick to your news ones!

Do feel bad because you wear glasses? Usually you feel bad because you may have made the wrong choice. Change them. There are glasses that can make you look smoking hot. Or you could try wearing contact lenses!

Do you feel bad because you wear braces? Come on, braces are temporary. Time will pass and you will get rid of them. And on top, you will have a perfect smile! So what’s the solution? Until you remove them, bring out … the beauty of your character, or your body!

Make the first step

One thing is for sure. If you do not make the first step, you will never find a boy / girl. You do not have to hesitate about anything, just think:

If you don’t go to talk to that other person, nothing will happen. Also, why are you afraid to take the first step?

Have you ever thought that the other person might expect a move from you too?

What happens if things go wrong? Nothing! Just another experience for you!

So dare to take the first step and dare to move on!

How to Go from Simple Flirting to a Good Relationship

You were on vacations, met someone and that summer flirt was not enough for you, but you want to go further and have a relationship with him. If this is your case, or your case looks like this somehow, then you ‘d better start reading the below tips on how to go from a simple flirt to a relationship!

Do not let him just imagine the “together”.

At the beginning, we all unconsciously go through the process of imagining what it would be like to be together with the person we like. Usually, women get excited about this fantasy, while men at this stage, especially if they like her, imagine all the problems they would have if they were with her. There are many men, who despite the fact that they may want a woman very much, they are very hesitant to be with her, because they think they may be weak or inadequate for her.

Be honest!

If you want to have this person in your life, after the summer holidays, you should better speak honestly with them. You do not have to tell him everything about your life, but for sure, not say anything that is a lie or an exaggeration. For example, don’t introduce yourself as Lara Croft while you normally don’t get off your couch, just to make you look exciting and adventurous!


There is nothing more fascinating than a nice, cheerful, open-minded, humorous person. Men and women go crazy for those who laugh at their jokes. Don’t be afraid of smiling!

Do not rush and wait for a while.

Take the time to get to know each other. It would be better to go out regularly and see what it is like to be with this person. It may seem a bit frustrating to you now, but it’s not. Taking small steps, not only confirms your attraction to someone, but it increases it as you get to know more about each other’s character.

The rush and pressure often make the one or the other to get trapped in fear and step back. Most importantly, do not start discussing from the very first date, about your potential promising future, unless you are sure enough that you both like each other. Don’t forget that the relationship has not started yet!

Don’t talk so much and listen!

Sometimes both women and men become very talkative and do not let the other person speak. This is often because of embarrassment or because they want to impress the other side. Try to manage it properly and let him speak, so you can get to know him better and finally see if this is what you really want.

How To Start Dating Again After A Divorce

Divorce can be incredibly tough for all people involved.

Even if things are resolved in a friendly way from both sides, even then it can be a long and painful process.

However, once it’s done things get better.

People are starting to think about what’s next after the divorce and maybe even want to start over. The big question is “how”.

How do you start dating again after all this? It is not the same for all people, but the below tips are a good start.

1. Be Optimistic

If you are thinking “when” and not “if” you will ever find love again, then you have made a good start already. It is more than a pious thinking, since it will change things in your behaviour and will have a positive impact on your new life.

2. Be Ready

It is good to start dating again. Getting yourself to meet new people, in order just to push yourself to move forward is not a good thing. Make sure you are really ready, before you start dating. You can wait a little longer if you are not sure or if you just feel so. There is no specific time on the amount of time that needs to pass before starting dating again, so relax. You ‘ll know when you are ready.

3. Decide What You Want

Avoiding the reasons of a divorce, means that you are avoiding the same mistakes all over again. The best way to do this is to decide what you really want. Do not compromise with anything less and do not make the same mistakes again and again, as this doesn’t make you any wiser.

4. Be Online

Nowadays, it is really common that you meet new people online. For that reason, there are many dating sites and applications, designed to help you find the perfect partner. Don’t be reluctant, it’s the 21st century!

How To Write Messages On Dating Websites

There is no doubt that online dating has revolutionised the way people get into contact.

The question is, how can we talk to other people on these platforms? These tips are here to guide you.

1. Start with a Greeting

Believe it or not, “hello” is a good way to start most conversations. You can write something even better by adding things to make it more interesting. Try something like “How YOU doin’? I’m ___”. Or do something even more engaging, funny, something that the other side can use to reply easily and start an interesting conversation.

2. Make a Nice Comment

Make a comment on one of their interests that you saw from their profile. This shows that you are interested in them. Complimenting one’s appearance is fine, but it’s not enough. So you maybe share an interest? Go ahead and mention that, talk about it. That way you will start chatting before you even notice.

3. Ask Questions

Asking a question is a great way to show interest and continue the conversation. Better ask about something that you saw on their profile. Like said earlier, ask about their interests, their hobbies, what’s their favourite restaurant, anything that can be used as a starting point for a flowing conversation.

4. Don’t Hide Behind Your Finger

Being honest is helpful. That doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive though.
However, if you are interested in someone, show it! It is good to share things and show your interest, so don’t be shy.

5. Ask for a Date

This may sound a little risky and it really is. However, people tend to spend too much time talking behind their screens, instead of going out on dates, so if you ask for it, you might have good results.

What’s the point after all, if not start dating?

Choosing the Best Photo for Your Profile

Choosing a profile photo on a dating site is something really important that you need to think of and make a good choice in the end.

You may be the perfect match for someone, but if your photo repels him/her, you’ll never know! Here are some tips on how to choose a great photo.


Use a photo in which you smile! Photos from your vacations are a great choice for this. This tip might be obvious, but some people forget about it. Also keep reading the rest of the tips.

Don’t hide!

Show as much of yourself as possible in your profile photo – photos in which you show your whole body are the best! And please, don’t wear sunglasses or hats, they hide half of your face.

The Golden Hour!

The photos taken in the afternoon are more flattering as the quality in the light is better, so you should choose photos that have been taken in that particular light! Also, don’t use flash – it makes you look older, everybody knows that.

Use recent photos!

Ok, this is an obvious one, but make sure your photos show you at the present. If it is available on the site, register your photos to prove that you are the person in them.

Upload more than one!

The more the better, and the minimum number should be four. More photos showing you in different angles and in different situations, will make theĀ  person interested in you, have a better view of who you are indeed.